Thursday, May 30, 2013



As many of you know who have followed my blog in its different generations, I love hockey. I love the fans, players and the pace of the game. I especially love when I can combine my dominant nature with that love of hockey.

A few years ago when the Boston Bruins spanked the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup one misguided submissive from Ottawa, in attempt to show some national pride in Canada made a wager with me on the series. His misplaced loyalty and arrogance cost him an uncomfortable self-flogging, on cam, along with some mind fuckery.

Such a fun night H, well at least for me.

Well once again, a misinformed Canadian submissive, marcispervert, made a similar wager with me. Marcisapervert is from Toronto and he was just giddy to try to extract from his Mistress the tangible reward of the Toronto Mapleleafs beating out the Boston Bruins in the first round series. But yet again, arrogance over ruled reasoning in mind of a submissive. So what was his punishment? Several semi-public walks in his bikini and heels and posing for a few photos.Self-Acknowledgement on the part of marcispervert , via public display, of his cross-dressing and perverted ways have brought me much entertainment and pleasure. It also was a big step in him surrendering more control to his Mistress.

There was no NY Rangers fan willing to gamble a wager with me, perhaps there is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan who would be willing. However, perhaps only the Canadian have enough perversion, arrogance and need for submission to chance it.

Any takers? Call me.