Friday, August 17, 2012

Me and the Preacher

Recently I had the urge to seek some time with a higher power. In my quest, I met a very enchanting Preacher. The electricity borne between us created a higher power. Just not what was originally intended.

While visiting happiest place on Earth, I decided to try some old time religion. I found a house of worship with some appealing snippets on Vimeo. The service was standard fare, the congregants nice, the music good, but the Preacher caught my eye.

He was tall, a little bit of gray in his hair, with some facial hair to match, and dressed exactly how you would expect a Preacher to be attired. His low key, but inspirational style was appealing. After the service, I made a point to introduce myself to him. During my introduction, I saw his eyes roving. I told him that I enjoyed his sermon on "The Lure of Temptation". He commented that it was something everyone could identify with. "No doubt" was my retort. I asked him if he could share a copy of his sermon with me, as I slipped my card into his hand. He agreed, and we parted company.

The next morning, after I had awoken in the sunshine state, at promptly 8:30, my cell rang. Lo and behold it was the Preacher. He offered to drop off a hard copy of his sermon at my hotel. "I bet" was my thought. 45 minutes later, he arrived in the lobby, dressed as if he were on his way to play golf. I invited him to join me for breakfast in the club room lounge. It was quiet and we had privacy, as most of the tourists had departed for the day. I was drawn to his easy going nature and commonalities that we shared, both being from the Northeast, our appreciation for music and as I would later discover a shared penchant for the kink. We also had some large chasms. He lived an outwardly retail life where women live and speak through men. Being the independent woman I am, it was hard for me to fathom submission in any way to a man.

As we wiled away the morning getting know each other over breakfast, it became clear that there was a great deal of intellectual and sexual chemistry between us. Electricity. I could see by his consistent shifting in his seat that he was aroused. I reached over, touched his hand, told him not to be embarrassed and that it would be ok.

I stood up and instructed him to follow me. He followed behind me, until we reached my door. I opened the door to the suite and motioned for him to enter first. As the door closed to the suite I was directly behind him and raised my hands up to his shoulders and with all my might, pushed him to his knees. He went down with a thud, being that he stood at 6'5" and weighed 230 lbs. Yet, he did not resist. I came around to his front and asked "What do you want?", "To serve you Mistress" he replied. I told him to remove all of his golf garb and to get into the kneeling position. I stood there, watching him, giving him no modicum of privacy. When he had accomplished his task, I walked over to a travel trunk in the suite, removing a black leather collar, and leaving the top of the trunk open so he could see that I had all sorts of toys. I placed the collar around his neck and told him that while he wore this he belonged to me. "Yes, Mistress" was his reply.

I left him facing into the suite's living room while I retired to bedroom to change. I reappeared wearing my black cat suit and black heels. I also had a short leash in my left hand. I approached him and attached the leash to a D Ring on the collar. Tugging on it and pulling him along to the bedroom. When arriving at the bottom of the bed, I sat on the centered edge. I instructed him to lay across my lap. I could feel his hard cock in my lap. I reached underneath him and tucked his erect cock and balls between my my muscular thighs. I told the Preacher not to even think about cumming without permission. "Yes, Mistress" he answered with trepidation. I began to smack his behind with my left hand, skin to skin contact, reddening his backside. He began to whimper and I could feel his arousal respond with the precursor of his sex seeping out of the Preacher between my thighs. My own sex was aroused by this intimate, electric connection.

After a thorough spanking, hair pulling warm up, I flipped him over on his back. I left the bedroom to retrieve some toys from my travel trunk. When I returned, I was holding a couple of nipple clamps and I was wearing my harness with my 10" Strapon cock. "Tell me Preacher, ever been fucked like a girl?" I asked. "No, but I want it" he cried. I placed the clamps on his nipples, as I twisted them between my fingers. The Preacher winced and cried. I pulled his torso to the edge of the bed. Putting his ankles on my shoulders. I told the Preacher, "When I fuck you, I want to see the look in your eyes". He watched as I first slipped a finger in my pussy behind my harness wetting it with my sex. After it left my body, I slid it into his tight little hole. All the way past my second knuckle. Repeating the process twice more with another two fingers. I opened him up and massaged his prostrate. All the while with my other hand I was stroking his cock and taking all of the precum onto my palm and rubbing all of it on the head of my cock. As my fingers glided out of him, I popped the head of my 10" Strapon cock inside of him. I wrapped my arms around his thighs that were up against my torso and began to fuck him. Slowly grinding it into him. "Yes Mistress, make me your bitch" the Preacher cried out. When I was completely inside of him, he wrapped his legs around my back and I grabbed him under the shoulders. Once the full weight of my torso was atop of him, I fucked him like the little whore he always wanted to be until he climaxed.

Afterwards the Preacher began to cry. He told me how this was something he had always desired but was unable to obtain do to the life he had chosen. Stroking his face, I told him it was ok and that it would be our secret. I also told him That this encounter was the first of many if he was prepared to serve me. He quickly agreed. so much for a woman living and speaking through a man.

After he had showered and dressed I walked him down to the lobby and told him from now on he would be to me StraponPreacherMan.

By the way, the next Sunday the topic of the Preacher's sermon? "Contentment" and I am not kidding in the least little bit.

To be continued.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Which One of You Drives An Acura

Look what saw I recently parked in downtown Boston. Ok, which one of you does this Acura belong? Call me and fess up.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Greetings From Brant Rock, MA

We have had some great beach weather here in New England this summer. This has been my view for a few days while I have been laying out working on getting my body nice and bronzed by the sun.