Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Secret Santa?

Someone sent me a beautiful gift via Amazon this week. There was no note, if it was you, please let me know

Love My Boston Bruins

Worst to First! Tim Thomas records his 30th career shutout and the Bruins paste the Flyers 6-0. Boston now sits on top of the Eastern Conference... a mere 41 days after they were in the basement.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

True Story - Careful With Those Spa Treatments

I found this story that I passing on fascinating for a few reasons. First, I have spent a lot time in the city where the incident took place and second, well it is all a bit hard to comprehend.

Credit to the UK Metro for the text below:

Zhang Nan was bathing with live eels to cleanse his skin when one rogue serpent took a liking to his manhood. The eel treatment in question is a similar concept to the popular London spas that offer fish pedicures. Thinking that the eels would make him look ten years younger, Nan dived into the water and let them feast upon layers of dead skin. But after laying in the spa bath, Nan felt a sharp pain and realised a small eel was working its way up his urethra and into his bladder. 'I climbed into the bath and I could feel the eels nibbling my body. But then suddenly I felt a severe pain and realised a small eel had gone into the end of my penis,' the 56-year-old from Honghu, Hubei province said. 'I tried to hold it and take it out, but the eel was too slippery to be held and it disappeared up my penis.'(OK, that's enough cringing now... it's horrible, though, we know...)

Rushing himself to hospital, the man underwent a three-hour operation to remove the six-inch eel which was dead by the time doctors found it. Surgeon Jin Wang said that, because of the eel's slippery nature, it was able to make a smooth entry into the genitals of Nan. 'The diameter of the urethra in a man's penis is just a little narrower, but because eels are quite slippery, its body worked as a lubricant and so it got into the penis smoothly,' he said. (Really - stop cringing - we can see you...)

Believe it or not, Nan's case follows a similar incident when a 14-year-old boy in India had to undergo emergency surgery. In a case study published by urologists Dr G Vezhaventhan and R Jeyaraman, they described how they removed a 2cm-long fish from the boy's bladder. The teenager said that while holding the fish he had gone to the toilet and, while urinating, the fish had 'slipped from his hand and entered his urethra'.

Well BC Finally Won a Game

Congrats to my friends @ BC for putting their first Football win of the year on the board.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome Home, Stanley Cup

My Boston Bruins brought home the Stanley Cup last week.  Who knew it could bring such happiness?  To my Canadian friends, there is always next year.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Let the Baseball Begin!!!

I am Red Sox fan.  Today is their first game of the season (albeit not here in Boston, where it snowed last night). On days like this everything seems possible.  There are no blown saves, no injuries yet, only hope.  Who are you  following this season?

Friday, March 25, 2011

March Madness II

Well, Gonzaga always tugs at my heart, but it is time to move on.  I am shifting my loyalties to UConn for the Dance.  Go Huskies!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Madness The Dance

I personally almost always root for Gonzaga.  Who are you rooting for this year?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Part 2 - A Tropical Vacation

I looked up from the bed, Todd was standing there.  From the bulge in his crotch it was clear that that he likes what he sees.  “I asked what is going on here?”, Todd repeats.   I smile, “want to play?”, I ask.  Before I finish the question, Todd unzips his trousers and pulls out that beautiful, hard 10” cock that I so adore.  I instruct Marisol to get on all 4’s.  She resists a little, but with gentle physical persuasion and the promise of making her come again, she complies.

Todd, who is standing on the floor, spreads open her legs a bit, he slides his index finger in to find a soaked pussy.  He fingers her a bit; Marisol is moaning and pushing her hips back towards Todd.  I am on the bed on my knees, grab Marisol’s hair and pull up her head so that she is able to smell and taste my sex.  Just as Todd begins to enter her pussy with the head of his cock, Marisol slides her tongue across my clit to the deep recesses of my pussy.  I hold her head steady, Todd has a hold of her hips and we are moving together in rhythm.    I come, just as Marisol comes and when Todd comes he nearly launched Marisol into me.  

We collapse in the bed.  Sleeping intertwined for a few hours.  I awake to find Marisol cradling one of my nipples in her mouth, suckling and nipping at it.  I begin play with her breasts in my hands tracing her nipples with my fingers.  Todd awakes with an enormous erection.  He watches while Marisol and I play with each other, stroking  himself.  I guide Marisol to Todd, I tell her to watch me.  I take hold of his cock while I lick his shaft and suck his balls.  Todd moans deeply.  I slide his cock into my mouth sliding him in and out, working on the veins popping out of his gorgeous sex organ with my tongue.  My lips have a vacuum like seal around him as he guides my head up and down with his hands.  As I feel a steady stream of his pre-cum flowing, I slide him out and guide Marisol to him.  She takes him very naturally into her mouth and begins pumping him with her mouth.  Todd only takes another minute or so to shoot his load into Marisol’s mouth.  She gags a bit but swallows it all.  

The sun is now streaming through the bedroom window.  It is apparent that a new day has dawned and that it time for Marisol to go for the time being.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Tropical Vacation

Trevor thought a trip to the islands would do us a world a good.  We were at loose ends with each other, and although the sex was good, not like it had once been.  To add to the intrigue, he suggested we visit Havana.  I am always up for a little danger, mystery and the forbidden, so off we went. 

Our lodgings were @ a resort near the little town of Guanabo .  The northern most part of Cuba.  We took an apartment so that we would have privacy and some extra space.  The beaches, music, food, drink and people all exude sexuality.  We had come to the right place.   We were back in rhythm with each other, hot, passionate sex three times a day, and in public we were always touching. 

Every day, Trevor and I took advantage of the resort’s masseuses.  The Masseuses were young, sensual and sexy staff members who were eager to please and to connect to the renegade Americans who bucked the embargo, to visit this beautiful but complicated place.   My Masseuse for nearly every day that I was there was Marisol.  She was 18, 5’6” long dark hair, a sweet body and voice to match.  It was hard to imagine that those delicate hands could give my body so much pleasure as she massaged and oiled my body by the pool every morning.  The few times her fingers slid between my thighs or across my nipples, I would get a rush. 

At night we sometimes went into Havana, cavorting @ the Floridita and the CafĂ© de Paris among others.  Other nights we stayed @ the resort to partake in the resort’s entertainment.  On our fourth night Trevor had met some other guests who wanted a poker game after the festivities.  After dinner, we visited the nightclub @ the resort, where the daytime pool/spa staff was transformed into club hosts and entertainers.  Marisol greeted us @ the door and showed us to a table.   She was seeping of sex in the black strapless dress, with her firm, round breasts just peeking above the top of the dress, tight little ass and the 4 inch red heels on her petite, narrow feet.  Trevor and I had a few mojitos and danced a little.  I was wearing a very tight, light blue dress that I really could not wear panties with, because it would show the lines.  Marisol was turning me on from a distance with her sexy body and my memories of her touching me.   At one point while we seated @ our table, Trevor reached between my legs and felt my wetness.  He gave me a look, I nodded towards Marisol.  He glanced to her and whispered “you are so naughty, you are going to corrupt that young sweet girl”, “That’s my plan”, I answered.

After Trevor left to play cards, I danced and drank a little more.   Marisol asked about Trevor. “He is playing cards tonight in the bar”.  I answered.  “Marisol, would you like to hang out tonight after you get off work?”, I asked.   She answered in the affirmative and told her she could find me in Apt. 11.

I headed back to the apartment to prepare.  My head was rushing.  It had been a while since I tasted a woman.   My nipples were hard; my pussy was soaked in anticipation of her face buried deep in me.  I showered and dressed in a red silk baby doll with matching panties that Trevor had gotten me @ La Perla for this trip.   I softly turned on some Latin Jazz we had brought with us.  I poured myself a shot of dark rum.  Then there was the knock @ the door I had waiting for. 
Marisol was still wearing the outfit from the club.  She seemed surprised and a little shy by my lingerie.  I offered her some rum, which she took, and then a second shot, by her own volition.    We sat on the divan in the living room.  I played with her hair, running my fingers thru it, down her back.  I ask her if she has ever been with a woman.  She responds “No” shyly.  “You are in for a treat tonight, so just relax and do what feels right” I tell her. 

I begin by kissing her on the lips, pushing my tongue into her mouth; I begin playing with her breasts over the top of her dress, I kiss her neck working my way to those delicious breasts.  I push down her dress to discover no bra.  I begin suckling on the erect brown nipples, she is moaning.  My hands slip into her panties.  She is wet; I stroke her clit while I continue suckling those perfectly round breasts.  I tease her by dragging my tongue down her stomach, to just above her panties.  Her petite hips are shifting up and down on the divan.  I tell her to get up, go into the bedroom take everything off and lay down on the bed. Face up. 

When she goes into the bedroom, I reach into my own panties, and rub my clit a little.  I am totally soaked and smell of sex.  When I reach the bedroom, I gaze over her naked body, she has a pensive look on her face, Her legs were slightly spread, and there was her beautiful center spot...her mons pouting out from between her legs, swollen now with the blood of her excitement, her gentle little lips peeking out from the full folds of her skin, and I saw the tiniest peak of her clitoris glistening from underneath its little hood.  She then smiles and is caressing her nipples.  I could not resist what was to be mine. I slip onto the bed and push her legs apart, I begin intermittently sucking/licking her clit, I push two of my fingers, that I have wet with my own pussy juice up into that tight sweet young pussy, she feels and reacts to that sweet pain, Her hips are shifting up and down now to the rhythm of my tongue sliding in and out of her, just as I think she might come, I push her legs up into the air so I can lick her anus. Rimming her and teasing it with the entry of my tongue.  Marisol is screaming now with pleasure, her hands on my head, pushing me into her.  I slide my tongue and lips back to her pussy. She comes hard, squirting into my mouth her sweet cum.

I pull back, leaving her breathless and begging for it to continue.  She pulls me down toward her face so she can lick all of her sex off my face and out of my mouth with her roaming tongue.   We begin deep kissing, and playing with each other’s breasts.   I roll over on my back, and she lifts my baby doll to find my supple breasts with erect brown nipples.  She takes one in her mouth, I grab her head to direct her.  “Suck harder”, she obliges.  Her hands trail down to my panties, she strokes between my legs, teasing me with those delicate fingernails.  Then she slides her fingers inside my panties to find my sex.  She is about to bury her face into me.  I pull her head back and tell her that I want her on her back so I can ride her face.  She complies, lying on her back.  I straddle her head with my legs, all of my sex in her face, she, being enveloped by the taste, fee, and smell of me.  She opens her, mouth wide and licks me to orgasm.  I am screaming, thrusting up and down on her face.

With perfect timing, Trevor walks in.  Who is having all this fun in my bed without me?

To be continued…..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Room with a View

We were in Hong Kong for a few weeks., staying at the Shangri-La.    It was a nice change of scenery but I was beginning to get bored.  One morning, after I serviced Todd and he had left for the day, I laid in the king sized hotel bed, on top of the sheets, wondering how I should spend my day. Although it is a beautiful,warm sunny day, I lack the motivation to start my day.  Todd had drawn the window coverings to the window in our suite bedroom open   I reached down and touched myself.  I was dripping wet.  Todd had his pleasure, but not I.

I was wearing a light gray silk nightie with no panties.  I began to stroke my clit with my right hand, while I traced the outline of my nipples with my left hand.  My nipples were hard and protruding through the silk.  My hips were shifting on the bed as I stroked myself, eyes closed, while I thought about Todd's cock in my mouth.

My drifting thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a swooshing noise outside the window.   As soon as  I was aware of it, it stopped.  My heart was beating fast, I realized,  I was being watched.  I open one eye and quickly glanced to the window.  Two window washers, from the hotel were kneeling in front of the window, their work equipment laying next them.  One of the men was touching the outside of his trousers, while the other worker was completely exposed stroking himself..

I raise my hips off the bed and spread my legs they could have a better view of my wet pussy, puffy labia, and swollen clit. I push up my slip so my breasts were exposed.  I thought I heard one of the men moan through the glass.  I turn my head my head towards them, smiling while I rub my clit, and finger my pussy.  Now both men are exposed, rubbing themselves.  I reach into the bedside table and pull out my toy.  It is 10 inches with a good size girth to it.  I lick it and slide it into my mouth.  .I hear the metal platform outside my window, bang against the building.  I  look over to the window again and they are intently watching.  I slide the toy out of my mouth and slide it into my soaked pussy, arching my back while smiling at the men outside.  I am thrusting the toy in and out of me, playing with my nipples, my hips are wildly thrusting and grinding into the toy.  I watch the men stroking themselves, I cum hard, moaning loudly.   I pull my toy out of me, strip off my nightie, slip off the bed, walk over the window giving them a 360 view of my nakedness and when I get to the window, I lick my lips, and slide the toy back into my mouth.

I close the window coverings, through the window I hear both men cum, the metal platform banging several times against the building.

Now I am ready to start my day....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breakfast in bed

On these cold New England mornings, breakfast in bed can serve many purposes......

I was aroused out of my sleep by the ringing of my phone.  On the other end was  Jackson.  He asked how I was feeling.  I placed my ring and index fingers between my slippery thighs and answered "wet:".  I was wearing a light grey silk camisole and no panties, somehow I had managed to lose those in sheets the night before.  Jackson asked if I wanted company, I took a quick peek around my bedroom and noted that my date from the night before had already left.  "Sure", I answered, "the spare key is under the flowerpot next to the door."

I drifted in and out of consciousness for awhile, intermittently rubbing myself enjoying the feel and smell of last night's festivities.  At some point Jackson arrived, he would awaken me with his very erect cock in my face.  "How about a little breakfast to start you day?".  I twisted around on to my side, while he stood on the side of the bed.  I slipped the head of his cock into my mouth.  Teasing it with my tongue, trying to get the tip of it into his slit.  I pulled him out and ran my tongue all the way down to his shaft.  I began licking his shaft and with my lips, sucking his balls, he moaned loudly, I slipped my tongue down to his ass and licked around his hole.  Jackson, grabbed my hair and pulled me back, "Suck it baby", he demanded.  I slid his cock all the way down my throat, gagging only a little.  I was greedily licking up all the pearls of pre-cum sliding out of his cock.  He still had a hold on my hair and took a firmer grasp of my head with both his hands, and began to fuck my face.  I was oozing with wetness, his demands were so clear and his need was so present.  The harder I sucked, the deeper his thrusts. I coiled my ring and index fingers from my left hand around the base of his cock while my other fingers played with his enormously filled balls.  The speed of his thrusts increased, the pressure I felt on my head from his hands intensified.  Without warning, his entire, delicious, load of creamy cum began sliding down my throat.  My head jerked back a little before I caught his rhythm, and was able to swallow every tasty once

More to cum....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cumming Home

I have been away so very long.   During my long hiatus I have traveled the world and met the most interesting and at times, erotic people.    But now I am back.  Doing what I love best, talking men everyday about their deepest and most arousing fantasies.  I look forward to the calls and learning from them.  The fringe benefit of getting off from them is gratifying too.

Call now so we can connect and play   

More to follow….