Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cuckolded - The Fantasy Becomes Reality

Mark had long wanted to be cuckolded. His wife, Marilyn, had indulged him over the years. Having relationships and encounters with men outside of their marriage, to fulfill herself. The best Mark could hope for was that Marilyn would share her stories with him after the fact. Either by telling him or him reading her diary. But seldom was he able to watch or participate. For the most part, Marilyn chose men outside their social circle. But as the dynamics of their marriage began to evolve, Marilyn felt less of a need to be so discreet,

Marilyn and Mark had been married for decades. Although Mark always provided well with the tangibles, Marilyn was disappointed with him sexually. When he would ask what she wanted when they were in intimate, Marilyn would reply "I want a big cock". However, Mark was not in possession of one. When he would tell her "Tonight, I am going to give you a really good fucking", Marilyn's retort was "No, you are too skinny for me" Mark knew exactly what she was telling him. He could not sexually satisfy her. Marilyn, over the years, had found other men far more adequate than her own husband. This both frustrated Mark on one level and yet fulfilled his need to be cuckolded.

Because of Mark's professional success, they lived well, and loved to share with family and friends. One long cold winter weekend they abandoned their home in the Northeast for their home in Palm Beach and took a few friends along with them on their Gulfstream G650. Two of the guests, Ted and his wife Cecilia, were friends from the Country Club who often traveled with Mark and Marilyn.

Ted viewed Mark as a rival. Mark did not, but enjoyed stoking Ted along. Over time Ted and Marilyn and gotten very friendly. One thing they all enjoyed was partaking in alcohol spirits when they vacationed together. The first evening in Palm Beach, after a sumptuous meal and plenty of drink, that Mark paid for, the guests returned to the vacation home to retire for the evening. Only Ted and Marilyn stayed in the living room to continue chatting and drinking. Mark fell asleep but after an hour awoke to realize Marilyn was not yet with him. He could hear Ted and Marilyn in the living room. Marilyn telling Ted he was being naughty and that he should not have done that. This drew Mark out of bed and to the door. he opened it ever so slightly to see Ted with his hands under Marilyn's shirt. Seeing his wife engaged with someone else. Knowing someone so close to them might figure out that Mark wanted, needed, to be cuckolded, gave him mixed emotions. Could Mark bear to be cuckolded by his wife while Ted was her lover?

Mark was riveted. Marilyn's initial resistance fell away and she began to kiss Ted and run her hands in the front of his trousers. Mark was witnessing the foreplay ritual of two lovers. Marilyn directed Ted to check throughout the house to make sure everyone was asleep and to meet her in the kitchen. She returned to the master suite and Mark scrambled to bed so she would not be aware of him watching them. She retreated to the dressing room where she proceeded to dress herself in lingerie Mark had bought her. Before she left the suite, she took one last look to verify Mark was asleep and then headed to the kitchen to meet her lover.

Mark left the suite via the lanai that connected the suite with the kitchen. He watched through the french doors as Marilyn caressed Ted's cock and Ted taking her large breast into his mouth. They seemed familiar and rhythmic with one another. Ted pushed Marilyn to her knees and she began to suck him. Ted was easily almost twice the size of Mark erect. Mark was feeling very cuckolded as he watched and stroked himself.

When Marilyn arose Ted told her to face the kitchen island and grab hold of it. He lifted her robe and spanked her ass asking her what she wanted. She told him she needed "A big cock" . Mark was feeling very cuckolded at that moment. Mark watched as Ted slid that large organ of his into Marilyn from behind. Watching Marilyn grind herself on it, while Ted brought her to climax in a way that Mark could not. Watching while Ted used Marilyn for his own pleasure. This made Mark climax, strengthening in his own mind that Marilyn and Ted had cuckolded him. Watching Marilyn caress Ted's masculine, hairy chest after the fact before again he took what he had staked as his for a second time that evening.

The next morning Mark was both angry and excited by the events of the night before. This had the potential of him being truly cuckolded, but could he manage it being Ted? Time would only tell. Marilyn and Ted repeated the sexual encounters over the next two evening. Mark watched in the shadows. Never letting on that he knew. For him this was the transition from fantasy to reality of being cuckolded. Only time will tell how this plays out. Will Marilyn's relationship with Ted include Mark more actively as a cuckolded husband?

How do I know know these people? Mark has been sharing his experiences with me for years. Every time we chat it is clear how aroused he is by recounting his cuckolded experiences. Have ever been or wanted to be cuckolded? Seeing the woman you love and desire actively choose another man over you because of your lack of adequacy? I want to hear about you experiences of being cuckolded or your need to be cuckolded, perhaps even by me.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vanessa the Little Sissy Slut Shows Off

Vanessa has been in touch with me over the last six months or so. She loves to express her Sissy Slut self whenever it is feasible. Exposing her inner Sissy Slut is one of her most favorite activities, when time allows. Whether in person, by photograph or live stream video Vanessa likes to show off. She shows off her outfits, her physique and even her talent for sucking cock. I am including a screen shot I took of Vanessa while she modeled outfits for me via Skype this past weekend. The more slutty the outfit the more Vanessa is drawn to it. She loves short skirts and revealing tops, anything that will attract the attention of men. I love watching her, and even in these early stages of our relationship, gently influencing, manipulating her choices. It gives me a thrill, a rush of power.


Curious? Do you want to explore the Sissy within? Want to show off your Sissy persona? Have a Sissy experience that you need to share? Have you or do you need to suck cock? I want to hear all about it. Whether to share in it with you or influence you to push your boundaries. The time has come for you act upon your needs. Today is the day to call.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Play Time for My Submissive and Myself

Some of you have come to know that I have a significant other, a partner, my primary sub of 3 plus years. If you met us on the street you would never guess of our proclivities in private. My philosophy as a Domme is this, I am not interested in making anyone complicit to my interests who should not be. However, in private, I expect, if you choose to play with me, complete submission.

I enjoy all kinds of acts of submission from my subs, some more than others. But the acts themselves are not as arousing as the power exchange is. When a sub gives me control to shape our relationship, to drive our encounters, nothing inspires me more than this.

When I met my current primary sub, we had different experiences, needs, wants and trigger points. One common interest we shared was the gender swap. When we play, I am always in the male role and my sub assumes the female role. Almost all of our play either originates from this or includes it in some way. There is some irony in this because our physical attributes would suggest otherwise. Having him in a state of feminization and using my strap-on on him is one of my favorite ways to end a day. As a Domme, there is no greater fulfillment than having my sub reach his potential in service,and to reward him with pleasure of his own climax from my cock, without any other manipulation.

In the past he has been a bit camera shy but today I am including a photograph of a recent play session, where he awaiting the penetration of my cock. A very tantalizing sight to me. Him waiting, ready for me to use him however I see fit in our play time. And use him I do. There is nothing in 3 plus years of playing he isn't willing to embrace. Pushing boundaries and thresholds I never expected us to cross. The more willing he is the more aroused and fulfilled I become. Although the photograph here may seem rather tame, it symbolic of his complete trust in and submission to me.


Curious? Do want to explore your submission? Do you have submissive experience that you need to share? Time to call.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Strapon mp3

If calling me is not feasible, if you want to hear the sound of my voice sharing a story with you forever, you have landed on the right page. Here is where you may purchase my mp3 audio files. The Topics covered will include Dominant / Submissive topics, Fetishes and other indulgent topics. Check back often, as I will be adding mp3 files on a regular basis. Custom audio files may be purchased upon request.

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Montreal Habs Victory, Go New York Rangers

So last night my beloved Boston Bruins were beat by the Montreal Habs. Although Sebastian and I never solidified our bet, I felt compelled to acknowledge the victory of the Habs. As Sebastian predicted, I would use the Starbucks cards he sent me from Amazon to drink my consolation cup of coffee this morning.


The Montreal Habs did beat the Boston Bruins, last night they were for sure the better team. Being from Boston, in general we are not enamored with New York. However, I do believe that as of this morning the majority of the Boston Bruins Nation is rooting The New York Rangers, as illustrated in the cartoon below.

(credit to NESN)

So the Montreal Habs live to see another day. Montreal Habs fans enjoy your extension of the season, because the New York Rangers are gunning for your team. Go Rangers! If you asked me my prediction now I believe the Chicago Blackhawks will go all the way to win the Stanley Cup again this year. But alas, I am now focusing on the Boston Red Sox.

But in the meanwhile before I jet off to Europe for my vacation, give me a call, let me know what you think.
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bruins v. Habs Hockey Playoff Series

As many of you know I am from Boston and I love Hockey. Some of the most authentic people I have ever met are involved with Hockey at some level, Player, Coach, Staff, Promoter, or Spectator. The Boston Bruins are an Original Six team. Long before the Patriots were in fashion or the newly found Red Sox fever took hold, the Bruins had and still have a tremendous amount of fan loyalty. Hockey, in Boston, at its heart is a working man's sport. Yes, it is expensive to play and expensive to watch here, but do an analysis of the long term fans and you will find working class roots.

If you are a fan of Boston sports teams you know there have been some natural rivalries. The Jets, the Lakers, the Yankees and the Habs. To an outsider, one might think there is total hatred for the Yankees, however, you have to be from Boston to understand the deep animosity harbored for generations towards the Habs.

This animosity is not one-sided but the arrogance that the Habs fans display is a bit untenable. However, this is tied to the misplaced moral superiority that most Canadians feel towards Americans, but that is another post for another day. As an example, I can understand why you would prefer our beer, Sam Adams, to anything Canadian produced, but must you deface ALL of the packaging?


So here we are again. Another playoff series. An intense rivalry. In my heart I believe Tuukka will make Boston proud. But I know the Habs are formidable, so I take nothing for granted. Tonight the Garden will rock and the Bruins will push forward. In all honesty, if we are going to take back the cup, we must through Montreal to get there. Anything less is disingenuous.

I have few friendly wagers with Habs fans. In the formula, I win, they lose, I lose and yet they still lose. Not sure the Habs fans that undertook the wagers understood that. Having said that, I am still entertaining a wager or two up with Habs Fans until the puck drops tonight at 7:30 pm EST.

I will be watching and tweeting tonight.

If I may stoke the fires just a bit more


So, want entertain a wager? Talk a little hockey bravado? Be in touch.

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