Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bruins v. Habs Hockey Playoff Series

As many of you know I am from Boston and I love Hockey. Some of the most authentic people I have ever met are involved with Hockey at some level, Player, Coach, Staff, Promoter, or Spectator. The Boston Bruins are an Original Six team. Long before the Patriots were in fashion or the newly found Red Sox fever took hold, the Bruins had and still have a tremendous amount of fan loyalty. Hockey, in Boston, at its heart is a working man's sport. Yes, it is expensive to play and expensive to watch here, but do an analysis of the long term fans and you will find working class roots.

If you are a fan of Boston sports teams you know there have been some natural rivalries. The Jets, the Lakers, the Yankees and the Habs. To an outsider, one might think there is total hatred for the Yankees, however, you have to be from Boston to understand the deep animosity harbored for generations towards the Habs.

This animosity is not one-sided but the arrogance that the Habs fans display is a bit untenable. However, this is tied to the misplaced moral superiority that most Canadians feel towards Americans, but that is another post for another day. As an example, I can understand why you would prefer our beer, Sam Adams, to anything Canadian produced, but must you deface ALL of the packaging?


So here we are again. Another playoff series. An intense rivalry. In my heart I believe Tuukka will make Boston proud. But I know the Habs are formidable, so I take nothing for granted. Tonight the Garden will rock and the Bruins will push forward. In all honesty, if we are going to take back the cup, we must through Montreal to get there. Anything less is disingenuous.

I have few friendly wagers with Habs fans. In the formula, I win, they lose, I lose and yet they still lose. Not sure the Habs fans that undertook the wagers understood that. Having said that, I am still entertaining a wager or two up with Habs Fans until the puck drops tonight at 7:30 pm EST.

I will be watching and tweeting tonight.

If I may stoke the fires just a bit more


So, want entertain a wager? Talk a little hockey bravado? Be in touch.

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