Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cuckolded - The Fantasy Becomes Reality

Mark had long wanted to be cuckolded. His wife, Marilyn, had indulged him over the years. Having relationships and encounters with men outside of their marriage, to fulfill herself. The best Mark could hope for was that Marilyn would share her stories with him after the fact. Either by telling him or him reading her diary. But seldom was he able to watch or participate. For the most part, Marilyn chose men outside their social circle. But as the dynamics of their marriage began to evolve, Marilyn felt less of a need to be so discreet,

Marilyn and Mark had been married for decades. Although Mark always provided well with the tangibles, Marilyn was disappointed with him sexually. When he would ask what she wanted when they were in intimate, Marilyn would reply "I want a big cock". However, Mark was not in possession of one. When he would tell her "Tonight, I am going to give you a really good fucking", Marilyn's retort was "No, you are too skinny for me" Mark knew exactly what she was telling him. He could not sexually satisfy her. Marilyn, over the years, had found other men far more adequate than her own husband. This both frustrated Mark on one level and yet fulfilled his need to be cuckolded.

Because of Mark's professional success, they lived well, and loved to share with family and friends. One long cold winter weekend they abandoned their home in the Northeast for their home in Palm Beach and took a few friends along with them on their Gulfstream G650. Two of the guests, Ted and his wife Cecilia, were friends from the Country Club who often traveled with Mark and Marilyn.

Ted viewed Mark as a rival. Mark did not, but enjoyed stoking Ted along. Over time Ted and Marilyn and gotten very friendly. One thing they all enjoyed was partaking in alcohol spirits when they vacationed together. The first evening in Palm Beach, after a sumptuous meal and plenty of drink, that Mark paid for, the guests returned to the vacation home to retire for the evening. Only Ted and Marilyn stayed in the living room to continue chatting and drinking. Mark fell asleep but after an hour awoke to realize Marilyn was not yet with him. He could hear Ted and Marilyn in the living room. Marilyn telling Ted he was being naughty and that he should not have done that. This drew Mark out of bed and to the door. he opened it ever so slightly to see Ted with his hands under Marilyn's shirt. Seeing his wife engaged with someone else. Knowing someone so close to them might figure out that Mark wanted, needed, to be cuckolded, gave him mixed emotions. Could Mark bear to be cuckolded by his wife while Ted was her lover?

Mark was riveted. Marilyn's initial resistance fell away and she began to kiss Ted and run her hands in the front of his trousers. Mark was witnessing the foreplay ritual of two lovers. Marilyn directed Ted to check throughout the house to make sure everyone was asleep and to meet her in the kitchen. She returned to the master suite and Mark scrambled to bed so she would not be aware of him watching them. She retreated to the dressing room where she proceeded to dress herself in lingerie Mark had bought her. Before she left the suite, she took one last look to verify Mark was asleep and then headed to the kitchen to meet her lover.

Mark left the suite via the lanai that connected the suite with the kitchen. He watched through the french doors as Marilyn caressed Ted's cock and Ted taking her large breast into his mouth. They seemed familiar and rhythmic with one another. Ted pushed Marilyn to her knees and she began to suck him. Ted was easily almost twice the size of Mark erect. Mark was feeling very cuckolded as he watched and stroked himself.

When Marilyn arose Ted told her to face the kitchen island and grab hold of it. He lifted her robe and spanked her ass asking her what she wanted. She told him she needed "A big cock" . Mark was feeling very cuckolded at that moment. Mark watched as Ted slid that large organ of his into Marilyn from behind. Watching Marilyn grind herself on it, while Ted brought her to climax in a way that Mark could not. Watching while Ted used Marilyn for his own pleasure. This made Mark climax, strengthening in his own mind that Marilyn and Ted had cuckolded him. Watching Marilyn caress Ted's masculine, hairy chest after the fact before again he took what he had staked as his for a second time that evening.

The next morning Mark was both angry and excited by the events of the night before. This had the potential of him being truly cuckolded, but could he manage it being Ted? Time would only tell. Marilyn and Ted repeated the sexual encounters over the next two evening. Mark watched in the shadows. Never letting on that he knew. For him this was the transition from fantasy to reality of being cuckolded. Only time will tell how this plays out. Will Marilyn's relationship with Ted include Mark more actively as a cuckolded husband?

How do I know know these people? Mark has been sharing his experiences with me for years. Every time we chat it is clear how aroused he is by recounting his cuckolded experiences. Have ever been or wanted to be cuckolded? Seeing the woman you love and desire actively choose another man over you because of your lack of adequacy? I want to hear about you experiences of being cuckolded or your need to be cuckolded, perhaps even by me.