Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Part 2 - A Tropical Vacation

I looked up from the bed, Todd was standing there.  From the bulge in his crotch it was clear that that he likes what he sees.  “I asked what is going on here?”, Todd repeats.   I smile, “want to play?”, I ask.  Before I finish the question, Todd unzips his trousers and pulls out that beautiful, hard 10” cock that I so adore.  I instruct Marisol to get on all 4’s.  She resists a little, but with gentle physical persuasion and the promise of making her come again, she complies.

Todd, who is standing on the floor, spreads open her legs a bit, he slides his index finger in to find a soaked pussy.  He fingers her a bit; Marisol is moaning and pushing her hips back towards Todd.  I am on the bed on my knees, grab Marisol’s hair and pull up her head so that she is able to smell and taste my sex.  Just as Todd begins to enter her pussy with the head of his cock, Marisol slides her tongue across my clit to the deep recesses of my pussy.  I hold her head steady, Todd has a hold of her hips and we are moving together in rhythm.    I come, just as Marisol comes and when Todd comes he nearly launched Marisol into me.  

We collapse in the bed.  Sleeping intertwined for a few hours.  I awake to find Marisol cradling one of my nipples in her mouth, suckling and nipping at it.  I begin play with her breasts in my hands tracing her nipples with my fingers.  Todd awakes with an enormous erection.  He watches while Marisol and I play with each other, stroking  himself.  I guide Marisol to Todd, I tell her to watch me.  I take hold of his cock while I lick his shaft and suck his balls.  Todd moans deeply.  I slide his cock into my mouth sliding him in and out, working on the veins popping out of his gorgeous sex organ with my tongue.  My lips have a vacuum like seal around him as he guides my head up and down with his hands.  As I feel a steady stream of his pre-cum flowing, I slide him out and guide Marisol to him.  She takes him very naturally into her mouth and begins pumping him with her mouth.  Todd only takes another minute or so to shoot his load into Marisol’s mouth.  She gags a bit but swallows it all.  

The sun is now streaming through the bedroom window.  It is apparent that a new day has dawned and that it time for Marisol to go for the time being.

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