Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crossdressing, Cocksucking, Marc

I love authentically submissive men. If you have ever interacted with me, you know my philosophy. Each relationship I have with a sub, whether in person, via email or by phone is unique. There is no script. The more the sub reveals, and invests in our relationship, the more I invest back. My sub Marc is a perfect example. He has been calling me on Niteflirt for a year. He stays in touch, he takes direction well, communicates his needs/ideas (because I am not a mind reader) and is obedient to me. So some of the perks include me choosing his panties everyday, and pushing him to his outer limits.
Because of all of the above mentioned qualities, Marc, through my influence has evolved from a panty wearing, pervert to a Crossdressing, Cocksucking Pervert. With every encounter he remarks how much I have influenced his thinking. The photographs included demonstrate just how far that influence goes

Now if you are ready to explore your authentically submissive side now is the time call regardless of the type of submission you need to practice

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