Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vanessa the Little Sissy Slut Shows Off

Vanessa has been in touch with me over the last six months or so. She loves to express her Sissy Slut self whenever it is feasible. Exposing her inner Sissy Slut is one of her most favorite activities, when time allows. Whether in person, by photograph or live stream video Vanessa likes to show off. She shows off her outfits, her physique and even her talent for sucking cock. I am including a screen shot I took of Vanessa while she modeled outfits for me via Skype this past weekend. The more slutty the outfit the more Vanessa is drawn to it. She loves short skirts and revealing tops, anything that will attract the attention of men. I love watching her, and even in these early stages of our relationship, gently influencing, manipulating her choices. It gives me a thrill, a rush of power.


Curious? Do you want to explore the Sissy within? Want to show off your Sissy persona? Have a Sissy experience that you need to share? Have you or do you need to suck cock? I want to hear all about it. Whether to share in it with you or influence you to push your boundaries. The time has come for you act upon your needs. Today is the day to call.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Play Time for My Submissive and Myself

Some of you have come to know that I have a significant other, a partner, my primary sub of 3 plus years. If you met us on the street you would never guess of our proclivities in private. My philosophy as a Domme is this, I am not interested in making anyone complicit to my interests who should not be. However, in private, I expect, if you choose to play with me, complete submission.

I enjoy all kinds of acts of submission from my subs, some more than others. But the acts themselves are not as arousing as the power exchange is. When a sub gives me control to shape our relationship, to drive our encounters, nothing inspires me more than this.

When I met my current primary sub, we had different experiences, needs, wants and trigger points. One common interest we shared was the gender swap. When we play, I am always in the male role and my sub assumes the female role. Almost all of our play either originates from this or includes it in some way. There is some irony in this because our physical attributes would suggest otherwise. Having him in a state of feminization and using my strap-on on him is one of my favorite ways to end a day. As a Domme, there is no greater fulfillment than having my sub reach his potential in service,and to reward him with pleasure of his own climax from my cock, without any other manipulation.

In the past he has been a bit camera shy but today I am including a photograph of a recent play session, where he awaiting the penetration of my cock. A very tantalizing sight to me. Him waiting, ready for me to use him however I see fit in our play time. And use him I do. There is nothing in 3 plus years of playing he isn't willing to embrace. Pushing boundaries and thresholds I never expected us to cross. The more willing he is the more aroused and fulfilled I become. Although the photograph here may seem rather tame, it symbolic of his complete trust in and submission to me.


Curious? Do want to explore your submission? Do you have submissive experience that you need to share? Time to call.