Saturday, May 24, 2014

Montreal Habs Victory, Go New York Rangers

So last night my beloved Boston Bruins were beat by the Montreal Habs. Although Sebastian and I never solidified our bet, I felt compelled to acknowledge the victory of the Habs. As Sebastian predicted, I would use the Starbucks cards he sent me from Amazon to drink my consolation cup of coffee this morning.


The Montreal Habs did beat the Boston Bruins, last night they were for sure the better team. Being from Boston, in general we are not enamored with New York. However, I do believe that as of this morning the majority of the Boston Bruins Nation is rooting The New York Rangers, as illustrated in the cartoon below.

(credit to NESN)

So the Montreal Habs live to see another day. Montreal Habs fans enjoy your extension of the season, because the New York Rangers are gunning for your team. Go Rangers! If you asked me my prediction now I believe the Chicago Blackhawks will go all the way to win the Stanley Cup again this year. But alas, I am now focusing on the Boston Red Sox.

But in the meanwhile before I jet off to Europe for my vacation, give me a call, let me know what you think.
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